My End of Month Assessment- January

– Conceived and written during the evening of January 31, 2015. Here’s my “end of month assessment”, a combination of  EOM accounting principals and EOM counseling concepts from the military, particularly from the standards of the US Army. –



Pvt. MarinaRena       California  USA   WordPress  Cyberworld 

PART II-  NUMBERS AND PERCENTAGES generated 20 posts,  got 108 likes and overall, views were more than doubled from December.

Rent raised almost 17%.

Had one Etsy sale.

Landed one media invite for 3 travel conventions.

Made 7 Ello Posts.

ZERO official new year’s resolutions made.

Most Impressions Post on Twitter (352), from Jan 17: Love or can’t stand the one with whom who lay in bed? Can you relate to this? 

8:21 PM – 17 Jan 2015


Duties: Organized a semi-successful garage sale, but generated a third of projection. Prepare to get into painting projects at home. Will continue to learn new administrative and possibly some marketing tasks on the job , as well as UPS shipping. Attended one volunteer meeting. Will seek to be more active in the community. Will link my volunteering and social media efforts especially to the cause of #mental health.  Did not set enough time to finish material for first self-publish book.

Personal Appearance:  Outwardly, it was kept up well, not drastically changed from overindulging common seasonal comfort food like thick, creamy clam chowder from The Original Fish Company, in Los Alamitos and leftover Christmas Lindt chocolate balls and other delights. Fight bulge, bloat by drinking more water. Boots have met chic winter standard but not the scuffed up comfort shoes easily slipped on throughout January.

Personal Accountability: Improvements made on financial, progress needed. Showed up at job and job interviews on time or early.  Drank very minimal alcohol. Work on taking vitamins, gummy and standard multi on the reg.


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