Our Love, and Basketball, a poem

– just in time for NBA All-Star Weekend. Classic NBA players mentioned in this one. May be “cheesy” but cheese is delicious always 🙂 –


We’ve set a challenge for each other on the “court”,

a playful show of outdoing, in love.

Like Larry Bird, you extended the invitation

and I like Mike Jordan took you up with no hesitation.

In our showdown of  H.O.R.S.E.

there are incredible heights we’ll soar-

yet we won’t always keep score

We’ll go rounds and rounds,

putting in our heart and soul,

prowess on full display

Our love and passion will go way 

out of bounds-

without fault and foul.

With us, there is an affinity.

You’ll be like ” Larry Legend” 

and I, as “Airness”

and together, we’ll “bring it” with flair, with finesse

and in the end…

well, will there really be one?

May we cease until infiinity

or ’til we reach the sun…


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