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6 healthy approaches to cheese intake

Good news: Cheese can be a great source for calcium, Vitamin A, protein and zinc. Also, studies have shown that cheese aids against dental cavities.

Bad news: cheese is generally high in saturated fats, sodium and not beneficial for proper digestion. Weighing the good with the bad, cheese aficionados have to make decisions on which and how much cheese to consume. Here are six health-wise suggestions for a diet including cheese.

Buy fresh cheese over processed cheese

Consuming natural cheese ensures quality in every bite. Generally, natural cheese is defined as one with minimal ingredients of milk or non-dairy protein base, acids, oil and salt. Buying natural cheese from a farmer’s market or cheese shop is recommended. These sources sell the freshest natural cheese possible, many of which are raw.

When shopping supermarkets, processed cheese products should not be purchased. American cheese slices and Cheese Whiz may be tasty and fun for nostalgia’s sake; however, the body does not react well to these artificial products. Another highly processed cheese product to avoid is Parmesan sprinkle cheese.


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