Go Brazilian For Your Olympics Party

There is the preparation of athletes competing at the Olympic games – and then there is the prep of party planners who love to throw a party for the love of the Olympiad. With the 2016 Rio Olympics comes perfect opportunity to serve up ethnic Brazilian cuisine on festive platters. No need to search far and wide for exotic ingredients for the food. All that is needed to prepare these winning appetizers of savory and sweet variety can be found already in the kitchen or at the local supermarket.

Brazilian beef skewers (Espetinhos)

Beef on a stick has its different versions around the world. The Brazilian one, smoked with strong garlic-cilantro flavor, is arguably the most succulent. Party hosts can recreate the churrascaria (Brazilian BBQ restaurant) experience at home, marinating the skewers on charcoal hours before Olympic coverage is televised.

Chicken Croquettes (Coxinha)

For delightful taste and visual intrigue on a platter, Brazilian street food favorite, chicken croquettes, are great to serve. Croquettes, shaped like drumsticks, are mouth-watering with chicken salad and cream cheese filling with a coat of deep-fried batter. These are best served warm. The finished snacks are almost too cute to nibble on – almost.

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