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3 principal ways technology is redefining movie watching


“Evolving” describes the movie watching experience. Once, only a projector operated by a cinema worker enabled the public to watch a movie. Now, with just a few touches on a mobile device or remote control by anyone, a film can be viewed. Advances in technology give movie fans control of what to watch, where to watch and enables them to see an infinite number of movies in a given time. Here are principal ways technology is redefining movie watching.

We are watching films in various places, not just in theaters

Gradually, technology has truly put the “move” in movies. Now playing are films well beyond theater confines. Old school technology users play movies on-the-go with portable DVD and Blu-ray disc players. However, mobile devices, mainly tablets and smartphones, serve as the more modern, convenient way to play films. Tablets especially with large screens are ideal for watching. However, many fans prefer smartphones despite the smaller view screen.

All kinds of movie consumers – especially millennial age adults – have popularized mobile viewing. Besides in theaters and at home, viewers are enjoying movies on-the-go – on planes, trains, cars, buses, at gyms, parks and about anywhere else imaginable.

With the use of wireless technology (Wi-Fi), mobile users can download and see movies wherever. Mobile apps on Android and iOS enabled devices are the means of movie playing magic.

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