Remember 9/11 in poetry: Eyes of 9/11

Many eyes had been completely shut
to imagine such a thing.
Some that had opened to ponder it
wanted it not to befall.
How it had shuddered them all to think…
Then…flash! It came as quick as a blink…
The unsightly began to –
Focus! Fierce lightning bolted down.
Crash! It jolted straight into the core!
The eyes turned sullen and sore!
Every hue of the eye – black and brown.
blue, green and hazel, as well-
turned a sad, watery gray
so distressed from the dismal torment.
While they were greatly mournful
they were certainly scornful.
Bitter…crying tears of agony
and then …..craving to tear apart
the inciter of the lightning strike,
evoking “an eye for an eye”


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