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What absurdity and all to anticipate in my 2016 wrap-up…


Preview of my Epic 2016 : The Monkey Parade

Sample stanza down below!

2016 is the Year of the Monkey, according to the Chinese New Year. I exploited and expanded this concept a bit! Monkeys are the main participants in the parade. They march like marionettes , playing band music and  fool around on parade floats. Fire monkey is the grand marshall.

Some of what’s featured…

Of course, names like Donald Trump,  Brexit, Wikileaks, Zika, Aleppo, Deadpool, Game of Thrones, Adele, Beyonce, Lebron James, Usain Bolt and The Chicago Cubs.


An illustration of the wacky US Presidential Elections, without outright bias.

Metaphor of glass ceiling and glass slipper concerning Hillary Clinton.

2016, Year of the Pulses. What does this mean?

How the city of Orlando, Florida was especially tragic this year.


Finales of long-running shows featuring fave TV duos.

Deaths of favorite TV moms from The Brady Bunch and Everybody Loves Raymond.

From the cryin’ shame crime files:Assassinations of a record number of police officers; several questionable, fatal shootings by officers in America alone.

Deaths of “greatest” in sport: Ali, Howe, and Palmer.

A lengthy “In Memoriam: Music section”.Deaths of soooo many major music makers in 2016. You know about Bowie and Prince. Don’t forget about Joey Feek , Juan Gabriel and a score of others, regrettably.

And -promise- fun, less depressing matters featured like…

the delightful trends of poke and Pokémon

the Mannequin challenge

Tesla 3 hype

“Andy’s coming”

and more !



Next up: monkeys marching with head up, then

wandering off formation a bit while playing Pokemon Go

and after marching properly once again…

Yes, Poke-monkey mania! I know, it’s insane!

They look as if they got vertigo.

bumping into sidewalk fire engines,

street meters and poles, and yes, even

parade watchers, including kids in lil’ wagons…


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