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Sneak Preview: 2016 The Monkey Parade (Bowie & Prince deaths)

I admire the work of David Bowie. Such art, not just noise. It stands for creativity and innovation. It’s so avant-guarde, begs for relistens over years. His songs were not in very rotation on my music player of choice but I considered his work special still. My first Bowie album was Hours, released later in his career. It was never too late to dive into his musical ocean. RIP

Prince’s songs were more played throughout my childhood. I made it a point to buy his work. Well, he would not like it any other way. I can’t believe anyone who can’t stand the song, “Purple Rain”. Love his other familar songs and adore some lesser known material, like “Love Song”. I’ll always be in awe that he played so many instruments and of his stage presense. He owned it. RIP

Here is an excerpt of the music death memorial section with Bowie and Prince, from

2016: The Monkey Parade

First up: a spectacular band of marmosets play a medley
of classics from awesomely odd, innovative icon,
David Bowie
on the float,
Ziggy Stardust The band rocks it super electric
with magnificent opening riffs of the float-titled
song and “The Man Who Sold The World”,
follows with brassy takes on “
Fame” and “Life on Mars?”,
plays a brooding woodwind on Bowie’s brilliantly tragic
Heroes” & “Space Oddity” and drums it up with “Let’s Dance.

Next on the music memorial ride: Prince
The float is decked out in marvelous purple ,
displays a cute little red Corvette, plays
a medley of
Prince‘s “Let’s Go Crazy” and stand-alone
anthem “
Purple Rain”, which unites the crowd as one…
Mournful, cracking voices then break out at once
How can you just leave me standing alone
in a world so cold? ”(from “
When Doves Cry”) …


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