Sneak Preview: 2016 The Monkey Parade

Let’s go back revisit social media and tech culture  ’16 including devices that gained fast popularity.

Raed full 2016: The Monkey Parade soon, BEFORE the new year!



…To lighten the mood of the parade
is the float,
Tech Culture ’16, featuring
loony looking baboons laid
up on cloud 9 balloons while glued to digital vices
like headphones jackless
Iphone 7s
and bulky
virtual reality smart devices
which redefined surreal dimensional touring
Oh my heavens!

Next up is a special monkey performance
that is absolutely off the chain!
Primates of all breeds are having a ball
doing the similian Samsung smash dance
Galaxy Note 7 phones down to the sim card
Millions of the cell phones were on recall
due to high explosion potential and were barred
on the airplane and even on the train.

On the next float, Live with Monkeys, has several
scenes of chimps live streaming themselves on
Facebook Live, Instagram Stories and yes, ‘course
Snapchat, via their smart phone and tablet.
Following suit, many human parade goers get
on their devices and stream themselves- passing on
the moment of enjoying reality au naturel…
Quite a twist on “Monkey see, monkey do”…and a farce! …




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