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2016 TV Wrap-up (U.S.A.) From 2016: the Monkey Parade

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TV is in a renaissance! 2016 offered impressive new shows and continued with quality programming from recent past.

TV also said bye-bye to beloved show. Some cancellations were shocking (I’m missing my Castle and  Rizzoli & Isles.

Excerpt from 2016″ The Monkey Parade”

…Next up, monkeys on a float watching a giant 4K TV
displaying a clip reel of popular & acclaimed ’16 shows—
Top Emmy & pop culture winner,
Game of Thrones; charmer
’80s ode
, Stranger Things; hardcore drug drama, Narcos;
western sci-fi wonder,
Westworld ; endearing and family-friendly
reboots, web series
Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life
Fuller House, tear jerker drama, This is Us and based on real-life
crime series,
The People vs OJ Simpson and Making a Murderer .

Rolling down next is the gigantic float of ’16 TV
with makeshift gravestones of shows once full of life
but suddenly became kaput in ’16:
Mike and Molly
Person of Interest, Rizzoli and Isles, The Good Wife
and maybe most notably, beloved crime drama,Castle
with a very alive Beckett and Castle in marital bliss,
and the formerly high rated, not-to-miss
reality singing competition show,
American Idol.


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