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Year in Music: Deaths (From 2016: The Monkey Parade)

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Grim Reaper, you win!  I know, every year takes away talented music artists- but this year was especially brutal. Of course, we know about  David Bowie and Prince, as well as recently, George Michael buthere were other major artists departed from this Earth this year, such as Glenn Frey, Merle Haggard and more. Revisit other names and listen to some their well-known pieces of art. And yes, some deceased musicians were left out still on this too long music tribute- Holly Dunn, Bernie Worrell (Parliament) and Nick Menza (Megadeth) to mention of few… But here we go …

Circle Photo Gallery: (Top) George Michael, Glenn Frey, Joey Feek
(Bottom) Maurice White, Natalie Cole, Phife Dawg


Excerpt of 2016: the Monkey Parade

… Next up… a major music float showcase
dedicated to legends who left this place
for a perm gig in rock ‘n roll heaven
Paying tribute are over ten dozen
marching monkeys banging on cymbals
and drums, tooting trombones and trumpets,
blowing on saxophones and clarinets,
killing it on guitar, bass and all.

First up: a spectacular band of marmosets play a medley
of classics from awesomely odd, innovative icon,
David Bowie
on the float,
Ziggy Stardust The band rocks it super electric
with magnificent opening riffs of the float-titled
song and “The Man Who Sold The World”,
follows with brassy takes on “
Fame” and “Life on Mars?”,
plays a brooding woodwind on Bowie’s brilliantly tragic
Heroes” & “Space Oddity” and drums it up with “Let’s Dance.

Next on the music memorial ride: Prince
The float is decked out in marvelous purple ,
displays a cute little red Corvette, plays
a medley of
Prince‘s “Let’s Go Crazy” and stand-alone
anthem “
Purple Rain”, which unites the crowd as one…
Mournful, cracking voices then break out at once
How can you just leave me standing alone
in a world so cold? ”(from “
When Doves Cry”) …

Now, we remember rebel musician Merle Haggard
immortalized on the
Outlaw float. A band of monkeys
dressed in rugged brown and black western outfits
play a mix of Merle’s number one greatest hits:
Mama Tried” and “Okie From Muskogee”,
as well as “
Silver Wings”, a mournful standard
that serves as inspiration behind a sculpted
likeness of him dominating his float bed.

Next float: Heartache, a rockin’ parade tribute to Glenn Frey
Monkeys break out into
Eagles hits with him singing
lead and his solo songs— from “
Take It Easy”,
to “
Heartache Tonight”, “We Belong to the City
to “
The Heat is On” and “Ol’ 55”, especially playing
hauntingly now…“We’ll, my time went so quickly,
I went Lickety-splickly…
Oh, those classic songs, they’ll never die…

Featured now: A Dedication to George Michael, tremendous
Brit talent with a worldwide reach to hearts and souls.
Taken from Earth on ’16 Christmas, he’s saluted fittingly
by chimps with his funky hit, “Monkey“, followed by Wham’s sultry,
sax-heavy, “
Careless Whisper” & ironic to G.M.’s life, “Last Christmas”;
ultra sexy “
Father Figure” and, ahem, “I Want Your Sex“; ’90s singles
Praying For Time & Freedom; smooth ballad hit, “
One More Try”;
and “
Faith“, with chimps gyrating like George did in his iconic vid. Funny!

Up next: Shining Star, a moment to honor Maurice White
main singer of
Earth, Wind & Fire, and the mastermind
of the band who left us behind
with jammin’ number one
after another- from “
Shining Star” to “September”,
Fantasy” to “Boogie Wonderland
and stirring ballad, “
After The Love Has Gone
with that sultry sax solo to remember.

Also honored separately is lovely Natalie Cole, gone
just before the crack of midnight of NYD, January 1
A jazzy primate quartet does a fine medley of her
classics, from “This Will Be” to “Inseperable”,
Pink Cadillac” to “Miss You Like Crazy
and finally to the incomparable, “Unforgettable”,
which one would believe she is gracefully
singing in a celestial space with her father

On a long music memorial float plays a variety
of beloved songs: Beatles’ “
In My Life”, in honor
Fab Four producer/ “Fifth Beatle”,
Sir George Martin;
Celine Dion‘s “Because You Love Me”, for Rene Angelil
Celine’s manager, main man and her
an Emerson, Lake and Palmer medley, for Keith Emerson
Greg Lake; Vanity‘s “Nasty Girl” for the Prince protegée
Billy Paul‘s “Me and Mrs. Jones”, for R&B man, Paul;

Querida”, for romantic and flamboyant, Juan Gabriel
Joey and Rory‘s “When I’m Gone”, for graceful
Joey Feek, country and bluegrass songstress;
A Tribe Called Quest‘s “Scenario”, for rapper
Phife Dawg, founding Quest member;
Leon Russell‘s “A Song For You” for multi-genre…


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