Quick take: La La Land

It’s a go-see, overall. It will play beautifully on a mega screen. Knowing how Oscars adores films on Hollywood and musical effort, it will likely win Best Picture- but if strong storyline is what your crave, La la lacks a bit. Dialogue is weak and frustrating at times- seemingly downplayed on purpose at points but it took away from a great impression. Some editing issues too. It could be easy to give up on the film in the first third of the movie but it’s worth sticking with it, as scenes between Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone’s characters become more powerful emotionally come alive. While Gosling seems a bit lightweight in his role, he does break out of subtlety and charms movie goers once again on the big screen. Emma Stone steals your heart right away but outcome of her character in the end could have treated better. Quite the loving ode to the city of Angeles- but also to jazz music. John Legend’s role is a welcome delight, invigorates the movie actually. Song and dance sequences done well. Almost 3 of 5 stars.



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