MarinArena is revamping!

By start of 2018, will be curated as a fuller scale spot to showcase CULTURE, TRAVEL , ARTS and WELLNESS— all with a cozy virtual marina ambience. The site will be best experienced while in a relaxed position, ideally lounging back in a comfy fold back beach resort chair overlooking the sea or ocean. (Of course, you’ll most likely bet at the computer desk or on-the-go in non beachy environs, which is perfectly fine 🙂

WHAT WILL THIS PLACE BE? A relax, chilled vibe for all to explore what to read and where to go. Think Goop but on a small scale and WAY less uppity pretentious.  Keep eyes peeled for more lifestyle, cultural and travel articles from me, as well as linked material from other platforms and writers to be featured as recommendations.

California, figuratively and literally, will be captured throughout the site.  Breezy, laid-back Cali essence with be reflected in my travel articles/blogs, recommendations and in creative writing. Look for several additions to the Gallery section, including my own marina and beach photography, as well as city life shots, especially of southern California.

You'll MarinArena

NOW BRANDED! Branding has been incorporated already on MarinArena with Soapboxy — an online shop for selling creative t-shirts, accessories, home decor items and art, created by yours truly. New designs are being added constantly, so do check back and tell your friends Soapboxy is open. Consider the shop for gift buying for the holidays. Tees make for excellent stocking stuffers and under-the-tree Christmas gifts!

buy soapboxy

Soapboxy Store

MORE ON TRAVEL  A brand new travel guide and advice section on the SoCal area
(Los Angeles, Orange county, San Diego area) will be rolling out. In addition, travel recommendations especially on cruise and other water-based travel from around the world (from bargain and luxury) will be incorporated. Expect off-the-beaten-path travel tips, articles and itineraries as well.

POETRY & PROSE.  Current poetry/prose section is currently being updated. A MarinaRena e-book is set to debut sometime in the new year.

WELLNESS  To be well- it’s everything in life, really. One of the best ways to be well is to go to the sea, meditate or simply do nothing but chill—listen to the breeze, flow in or to sail the waters. MarinArena will include a chill-zone space with articles, blogs, tips and recommendations focused on well-being. File under: mental and emotional health.

More updates to come!

Happy life journeys to all,


You'll MarinArena


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