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Another Tip: Pack up water with you while on-the-go. Use high quality Nalgene water containers and filters at Epic Water Filters. 
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Tips for Filters: Replace your filters accordingly.

Bottle Filter: Every 3 to 4 Months

Pitcher/Jug Filter: Every 2 to 5 Months

Epic Smart Shield: Every 10 to 14 Months

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Let's Travel Healthy: Destination Florida, the Caribbean, on River Cruise


Check out healthy FL places:

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Get well Caribbean style

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Wellness on board

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Beauty on-the-go:

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Don't get dehydrated:
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Careful what may be in the water:

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Let's fight COVID-19 & The Flu:

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Travel tip: Make sure to pack zip-lock bags and include your daily vitamins, powder mix packets and hair/body products. My Kind Organics, Emergen-C and Giovanni Eco Chic Hair Care items are quality choices all available at

Marinarena Tip to Stay Well During a Trip

Drink Calming  Teas- Lavender are great for sleeping well also 

Pack pain pills. No one wants a headache or any pain twitches 

Pack sun protection items (wide brimmed hat, sunscreen 15 SPF or higher, light colored clothing with UVA/UVB , sunshades)


Shop Vita Springs Calm by Wellness


Note on Travel and Covid:


Practice common sense wellness  as best you can while traveling in the Covid/early Post-Covid era.  Remember that no place is completely "Covid safe" despite what some travel guides and websites may declare. Do read up Covid safety measures and precautions given by countries/states advisories resources and destinations.


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Travel tip: Pack your own tea bags for your next trip. Like green tea? Try Malibu Mix , a tropical green variety.

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