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"Been dreamin' of getting away, since I don't know/Ain't no better time than now, for Mexico"- from "No Shirt, No Shoes, No Problems" -Kenny Chesney

Relax- it's only life!  Yes, it can take on a rough riptides at times. It can lead you adift.


Marinarena recommends:


to ... practice self-care or meditation,focus on uplifting people, find calm places, inspired quotes, get personal coaching. read positive stories, play crosswords & mind strengthen puzzles



Drift off the mainstream news! Steer away and get the real story that is not completely compromised by big state goverments and corpoations spewing constant propaganda. Hear alternative media that does not lean heavily progressive left. Support GENUINE, INDEPENDENT media, social and info outlets of different and various viewpoints. Get back to old-fashioned journalism. Here are some sane suggestions of news outlets to play for your consumption on-the-go and at home:


THE EPOCH TIMES (US/CHINA)- Best sourced U.S. broadsheet  newspaper/website that is well-sourced articles with truth-based reporting. Features coverage on China that is not sponsored by communist Chinese state government. Check out Inspire news and  the travel section.
NEWSY - Website with generally straight up news coverage. Less biased generally. Good option if you just want quick headlines on-the-go
NEWSMAX- Channel/website that leans conservative and pro-America in thought/coverage but makes effort to present bi-partisan news segments.  Alternative to U.S corporate giants, Fox News (NewsCorp), CNN, ABC, NBC/MSNBC and CBS. 
ONE AMERICA NEWS- Like Newsmax, leans more conservative and pro-America in opinion. Heavy coverage on U.S politics and affairs but covers global news and perspectives reminiscent of CNN during its journalistic heyday.
JUST THE NEWS- Website focused on honest journalistic approach to current affairs & politics. Headed by John Solomon and Sheryl Atkinson
REAL AMERICA NEWS- Independent channel/site, leans conservative, presents news straight-forward with bi-partisan segments
PATCH- Regional American community news and events site. Content added by average Americans

THE NATIONAL PULSE- Website that is painstakingly well-sourced and highly investigative in approach. Coverage is from a geo-political point-of-view, with thorough analysis, and  often has exclusives and breaking news not featured on major news sites. A must-read on Covid-related matters,U.S-Chinese relations and anti-

THE GLANCE- News aggregator straight to your inbox. From Evie Magazine, a younger conservative female-led publication. Subscribe for free. 

THE FEDERALIST- Site with news and opinion articles with a moderate conservative and libertarian approach. Has young emerging talent and followers (late Gen-X/Millenial/Gen Z).
THE DAILY WIRE - Similar to The Federalist, with expanded podcast by popular editor Ben Shapiro and others. 




GETTR- Conservative leaning, free-thinker social media with news coverage often censored by the mainstream.  Alternative to Twitter.
LOCALS- Combo social media and blog site with content by free-thinkers, largely moderate or conservative. Check out Rubin Report  Kira Davis  Tulsi Gabbard Emerald Robinson
Steel Truth among others

SUBSTACK  Blog site with free and paid content from leading free-think leaders, many of whom are moderates of the left and right, centrist or libertarian leaning. Featuring:
Alex Berenson Bari Weiss Glenn Grenwald Techno Fog and others
MINDS- Free-thinker independent social media. Alternative to Twitter & Facebook.
GAB- Very conservative, Christian faith based leaning social media site. Content includes newsfeed and blogs/vlogs, largely on U.S politics and current affairs. Alternative to Twitter. 
CLOUT HUB- Social media site with news, leans conservative. Alternative to Twitter, YouTube & Facebook.

WAR ROOM- One of the top daily global podcasts by downloads. Often forescast news of tomorrow to a T. Must-follow for everything Covid-related and geo-politics. Offers analysis   Hosted by conservative leader Steve Bannon with an array of guests.

DAN BONGINO - Popular podcast, radio show and news agrregator (Bongino report) by leading conservative thinker, Bongino.

HUMAN EVENTS DAILY- Quick 20-30 min news segment on the day's topics.

MEL K SHOW- podcast/site from Melody Krell, a truth-seeking journalist. Presentation of news and perspectives largely not covered by the mainstream. Incorporates politics and social issues with historical aspects.
WAYNE DUPREE SHOW- U.S. weekday podcast on daily topics from a conservative "average Joe & Joanna" point-of-view. News site also by Dupree



LARA LOGAN- Journalist who does excellent, non-biased investigative journalism especially focused on geo-political and immigtration issues. Lara Logan Has No Agenda is exclusively on Fox Nation (pay subscription) but check out show preview and news clips with her commentary here



RUMBLE (Canada)- Site that is Canadian owned w/ heavy U.S influence. Features video and audio clips and channels of altermative media including many of the aforementioned podcasts included. Alternative to YouTube
REBEL NEWS (Canada)- Straight-forward, independent news site from Canada, leans conservative.

QUILLETTE (Australian based outlet)- Blog site covering news and thought, largely from a moderate and conservative perspective

RT NEWS (Russia)- Independent news site covering global topics. Focus on Russia/Former Soviet Union, US & UK. 

FRANCE 24- Straight-forward, independent news site from France w/ non-bias stories. 

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Fear not! It's no good for your immune system. Research ways to increase your immunity and consider ways to boost your natural immunity.


Marinarena Recommends:


Be more like the Brits. Have a cup or two of tea, daily. Healthy immunity teas? Echinacea, Ginger, Tumeric

are top choices.

Take your Vitamins, esp Vitamin C & D and Zinc