Who? & What?






MarinArena is an American poet based in southern California. Born in Florida, she holds dearly to her east coast and southern roots. Combined with what could be considered a midwest kind of authenticity and an independent spirit of the west, MarinArena reads all-American— and yet, there is, additionally, a great international identity and appeal to her poetry.

Conceptually, MarinaRena draws upon the human experience by way of inanimate objects, photographs, conversations, a variety of songs, cinematic features, television shows, poetry and prose by contemporaries and legends, and certainly not least, incidents from her own life.

In the MarinArena collection, there are poems unapologetically nostalgic and quaint. Whether haunting or comforting, memories play a significant part in what she puts to paper, typewriter and PC screen. Little things and ordinary phenomena do not get dismissed, as evident in her poems that are served up as slices of everyday life. And then there are substantial selections offered by the poet. Under keen and succinct treatment, she delves into big societal issues of the modern world, touching on weighty predicaments like poverty, crime, politics and psychological complexities.

Common themes of her collection include female intuition and empowerment, love and strife of the family unit, growing pains of adolescents, love full of bliss and love amiss. Freeform is the standard MarinArena style but she also embraces original haiku in the traditional 5-7-5 stanza and multi-stanza elongated form.

Many gravitate and relate to MarinArena poetry- including those who just can’t stand poetry, scholarly literary types, impressionable teenage girls, spry and wise seniors, everyday soccer moms, bourgeoisie babes, fabulous urbanites, unpretentious farmers, and so on.

Dive in MarinArena and delight in the journey.