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New Article: Discover Little Ethiopia



Little Ethiopia

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Hollywood’s Famed Street Art: Mirth of Melrose Ave.

Down a stretch of Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles are vivid, joyous expressions of art. They are displayed on several walls, storefronts and everyday street objects. These depictions are envisioned by a bevy of talent, including world-acclaimed commissioned artists. Here we stroll down Melrose, between Fairfax and La Brea to appreciate spray-painted scenes of mirth.

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What’s the Word Along Metro: Rail Line Art in Los Angeles

Riding the rail lines for several years in Los Angeles, I have been fascinated and touched by art pieces, particularly along the Green Line. Read about the standout works of Metro art in my latest Culture Trip here



Metro Green Line runs south of downtown Los Angeles, from the L.A. suburb town of Norwalk, through inner city communities to the breezy South bay suburban area.

Discover The Real O.C.- Dana Point

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An Orange County Delight- Dana Point, CA

Here is the story about Dana. She is a quiet, little sandy one, similarly sandy and quiet like her neighbor, San Clemente- but even more so. Dana is quite young, almost like a brand new baby compared to other cities of southern California. She was born only in 1989!

Here are some traits of the city:

—she is a bit unassuming in that she does not draw much attention to itself in general. Yet, she does still realize that many are attracted to her because of her stretches of beautiful coastline and luxurious accommodations at the highly regarded Ritz-Carlton hotel where she entertains many fortunate guests throughout the year.

—she soothes well in that she offers many lovely spas.

On Dana, there is more to tell but…

oh, I need to gather more thoughts and make more trips!

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Hollywood … Poetically : Hollywood Haiku (1 and 2)

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Hollywood Haiku #1

A tourist remorse:

In these parts, slim chances to meet

a celebrity.

Hollywood Haiku #2: Welcome to Hollywood

Newcomer remorse

Most of the town is broken

Far cry from your dreams.

See Surf City, U.S.A.

Discover Huntington Beach

H.B. is a very happening part of O.C. that is known as “surf city “. This is the premier place to catch the waves and experience a whole surf culture that is tremendously apparent here! Of course, you see this at the beach itself with bold, eager surfers who get an early start on breaking waves. Beyond the beach, H.B. makes sure that you know she digs (likes) surf! Many of the city’s stores and restaurants include “surf” in their names or put a board or some another kind of surf symbol on their window.


22 Things I Took Away from the Travel & Adventure Show

Travel and Adventure Show

1. At least two hotel stays on the west coast!

2. A renewed interest in discover nature highlights of middle and eastern portions of California.

3. A great network of local California travel industry folks

4. Tip- Book international flights 161 days (about 5 months) ahead for the ultimate deals.

5. Two collectable Yosemite quarter coins.

6. Taiwanese notebook and matching pen for taking copious notes.

7. Excellent leads on travel-related career.

8. Tip- Find a “Days Inn” kind of hotel outside of Venice, instead of staying in the main tourist Venice area for more comfortable and affordable options.

9. An excellent lesson on wine from a pre-show wine blending course, courtesy of Bryan Kane and The Winery, in San Francisco.

10. A dozen of promotional reusable tote bags that do come in handy- that is if I remember to take them to the grocery and other retail stores.

11. Fort Worth, Texas is quite the happening arts town!

12. Tip- Use for very last minute hotel bookings!

13. There is actually a museum dedicated to Intel, in Santa Clara.

14. Taiwan is quite the upcoming Asian tourist attraction.

15. Seek out ruined castles (especially in Portugal) for inexpensive options of sight seeing.

16. For your internet browsing pleasure, get a plan for your cell phone before doing your travel, especially in case of foreign travel. Best way of insuring that your information is protected. Continue reading 22 Things I Took Away from the Travel & Adventure Show