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but first-  read this at the welcoming door.

Happy place

an observation of two distinct set of folks, the boppers and the droopers, who promenade along the Disneyland stretch of Harbor Blvd in Anaheim. A selection touching upon the growing issue of poverty.)

Right along the happiest place on earth
Is a boardwalk with the bopping brigade
Some of whom dearly paid
Bundles of bucks worth
To bop and shop all over happy place’s
Fenced off wonderlands

The brigade is of various ages and races,
And is from near and far away lands.
Come shine, come rain, come what may-
Tomorrow and each other day
a new bunch will happily bop
The boardwalk stomp is nonstop.

But there are others quite noticeable
Along the way besides the boppers
These are the down-and-out droopers
underneath and by bus shelter shade
Some of whom dearly paid
Their dues serving country-

But most droopers are simply unable
To pay the rent and personal debts.
Good thing though- they all are
bundled up in big jackets
And sausaged in sack blankets
To bare the brisk SoCal evening air.

During the day, droopers lay and stroll
shopping carts from markets
several blocks from the happy place.
Droopers, like boppers hail from all
over, are old and young with a face
Showing how hard times took toll

And whether a face white, tan
or brown, droopers are all colored
in the same hue of dread.
The lack of happy place reflection
upon them, even though they’re
adjacent to it, is quite clear.

One thing alarming- tomorrow
and for many more to follow,
droopers will continue to come
to the boardwalk to hang their head,
bundle up, lay along and stroll the row-
after all, it’s their home!





Poetically & Non-Poetically Licensed Words by MarinArena

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