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FEATURED ARTICLE: Popular U.S. Food Tourism Destinations

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Update: Jan 2017: This southern California travel advice guide is on its last days hosted at but is being reimagined for a new home. A “Best of” section will be featured here soon.

Read the local traveler perspective of Los Angeles, Orange county, other parts of California, and places beyond where MarinArena has explored here:

MarinArena VT homepage is inspired partly from a cultural writing/art project done in college that featured an analysis of “imagined sense of community” or some kind of arbitrary area.   Los Angeles especially fits under these definitions. It is really hard to know where L.A. begins or ends, geographically and otherwise. So, when talking about the city, there is no one clear-cut image – rather many!  And then there is Orange county , which has quite a personality of its own. It can be said that O.C. is the little sister of Los Angeles, often seen as spoiled because of her suburban opulence and is perceived a bit snobbish. However, there is a humble quality not to miss in her as well and this draws many to live in her neck of the woods.   MarinArena feels very much caught between the two “sisters”.   Visit M’s VT page and get the lowdown of L.A. , O.C. and more areas within California and beyond.

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